The Story of Lament

 This is a one-shot story, written out of my quiet study and blues. It's about a girl who finally gets a little adventure with her hermit friend. Read em as you please.

I know there are still a lot of stuff to redo and edit here but it will be my greatest pleasure to help me with the stuffs I've written. More are coming. Just have to take time to sort things up... so HAPPY reading. :)

of the Dead and the Dreary

Curiously enough today was a bit weird. Thoughts and ideas naturally get inside my head but seldom do ideas of death and decay comes to mind while i'm sitting in a crowded room waiting for my transaction to be entertained.

It happened all so suddenly when some old lady went entered the door, took a claim slip and asked for a priority number. Since the small space was already crowded with people she tried to squeeze in beside us who were also waiting for our turn.  I was now sandwhiched between two older women the other a little grubby and that woman, casually dressed but was decent enough to sit with.

I tend to tilt my head and slouch my back whenever I wait. And by instinct usually I prefer leaning towards the better person beside me. and PaH!.. something was weird.. i smelled that awful scent of death in her.  T________________________T